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Monarch Recovery Management, Inc. / Academy Collection Service, Inc.

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010
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We occasionally highlight information about collection agencies and others in consumer finance to assist consumers with their research.  When we highlight a company, we allege nothing about the company’s practices.  Instead, we just provide basic information about the company.

Academy Collection Service, Inc. agreed in 2008 to pay a $2.25 million penalty to settle allegations against it by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”).  Here is a link to an FTC press release –

Academy Collection Service, Inc. Settles FTC Charges

The corporation was created in 1976.  Apparently, after the FTC settlement, the corporation changed its name to Monarch Recovery Management, Inc.  If you have any information which would help consumers, please post a response here.

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4 Responses to “Monarch Recovery Management, Inc. / Academy Collection Service, Inc.”

  1. Frank Rotundo Says:

    Came across your link and am upset to hear this about Monarch. I do have a valid debt that they contacted me about and made 2 small payments and now I can’t reach them. Any advice?

  2. George Hickey Says:

    For the last 3 days Monarch Recovery harrassed us with multiple telephone calls each day. Turns out I am NOT the George Hickey they were looking for (wrong SS #). Bet this does NOT stop them from calling us!

  3. SJH Says:

    Monarch Recovery had the wrong name, wrong number and play games. My apologies if you actually owe them funds but, they come across as scammers. BIG TIME! Clearly.

    800-503-3852 They don’t even answer their phone like it’s a business line. SCAMMERS!!!

  4. Luke Says:

    Monarch is very deceptive. They left a message on our answering machine for a first name only and said if we weren’t that person that we were to hang up. They left a phone number and file number. We called them and they answered the phone with a “hello”. They did not ID their company. They would not say who they were looking for and would only use a first name. They did not identify the amount of debt or the creditor. We gave them a DOB and last 4 digits of our SSN’s (in hindsight – a mistake) to ID ourselves. They claimed we weren’t who they were looking for and not to worry. They said they would update their database within 48 hours. They were very deceptive. The whole thing seemed like a scam. We are worried about identify theft. We filed a complaint with the FTC immediately aftewards.