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Debt Collectors Pretending to Be Police Officers and/or Lawyers

Monday, November 9th, 2009

I have seen numerous cases of debt collectors pretending to be police officers and/or lawyers.  They threaten to have consumers arrested for failing to pay a debt, or they assert that certain property will be seized.  Some collectors like to talk about “case numbers,” when no case has been filed against a consumer.  Debt collectors often allege that a “case has been filed” in their office.  Don’t fall for false representations.

Reputable debt collectors will act in a reputable manner.  They will treat you with dignity and respect.  They will provide the name of their collection company, its address, and its phone number when asked.  If you are threatened with arrest or seizure of property by someone who purports to be a police officer or lawyer, and the person refuses to identify the police department or law firm for which they work, they are likely scamming you.  Report the person to your state’s authorities and attempt to deal only with the creditor when trying to pay your debt.

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