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Collection Tactics of ACE Cash Express, Inc. – Search for Witnesses

Saturday, January 30th, 2010
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Our firm recently resolved a few cases against ACE Cash Express, Inc. (“ACE Cash Express”) related its alleged telephone collection tactics.  ACE Cash Express attempts to collect alleged payday loan debts allegedly owed by consumers.  We currently represent Texas consumers in twelve (12) lawsuits against Ace Cash Express related to collection calls.

We have obtained evidence of several actions and/or tactics used by one or more purported ACE Cash Express agents and/or employees when calling Texas consumers about allegedly past-due debts.  We express no opinion as to whether one or all actions and/or tactics listed below are proper or improper.  Instead, we are seeking information regarding each to determine how to best represent our clients.  Specifically, we have noted the following (in substance) by likely ACE Cash Express employees:

  • Representing that they are conducting an investigation
  • Representing that there is an “active case” involving a consumer and/or that a “case” had a certain number (when no lawsuit had apparently been filed), and/or that a case would be filed
  • One representation that an employee has “case workers”
  • Representations that a consumer’s “case” had been turned over to the caller’s “office”
  • Representation that a “case” could be “dismissed,” when no lawsuit had apparently ben filed
  • Allegations of consumers writing a “hot check,” NSF check, and/or “bad check”
  • An allegation that a civil judgment could be taken against a consumer
  • An allegation that a consumer’s wages could be garnished
  • Allegations about consumers paying “restitution” by paying monies toward satisfaction of an alleged debt
  • Representations to consumers that they should retain attorneys
  • Requests to take a “statement” and/or a recorded statement
  • Representations by a caller that a consumer was no longer “in collection(s)”  (when calling about an alleged past-due debt)
  • Requests to consumers that consumers transfer the call by Ace Cash Express to consumers’ supervisors and/or consumers’ employers’ human resources department
  • Allegations that Ace Cash Express would schedule personal contact at a consumer’s place of employment to verify demographic information

We are seeking witnesses who reside in Texas and who might be able to corroborate and/or shed light on these actions and/or tactics.  It is our understanding that the ACE Cash Express telephone collection operation is in Irving, Texas, but that calls are placed to cities across Texas.  If you possess information which might assist in investigating and/or pursuing these cases, please contact one of the following attorneys at (214) 670-9989:

Dean Malone

Michael O’Connor

Jacob Jones

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